Introducing a New Novel by Kenneth R. Harvey

About the Book

Xavier Wilson is an ex-NFL football player who kills two elderly people in a horrific car accident. His life hangs in the balance as he ends up in jail, by all rights guilty of murder. There is just one problem: Xavier does not remember anything about the crash, rendering him with an inability to help in his own defense.  

Charles Brown's life hangs in the balance for different reasons. The newly-divorced police detective struggles to make sense of his circumstances: suspended from his job and unable to see his child. Still, he feels this unexplainable compulsion to prove the innocence of Xavier Wilson, his childhood hero. Will his faith and life be restored as he seeks to restore Xavier's reputation? 

Xavier: A Hero No More is a story that can easily be front page news. Set in Washington, D.C., Xavier: A Hero No More is a thriller that combines the intrigue of a murder mystery with the drama of reality TV. Above all that it is Xavier: A Hero No More humanizes what we idolize.